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About Us

About Us
My Secret Book Jungle was created for new authors to showcase their amazing children's books without all the distraction of the millions of other wonderful children's books available in the worldwide marketplace.  We make it easier for you to find these awesome treasures.  To purchase, just click on the "Click here to purchase" above the synopsis of the story and you'll be taken to the Amazon website.  Simple.  

We hope you enjoy your experience here!

Meet Our Authors


Michele was born in Mesa, Arizona. She currently has 7 great-granddaughters, 11 grandchildren and 4 daughters. She has high hopes of filling their personal libraries with fun stories to last a lifetime.

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Cason is known by most as a teddy bear, but can often be mistaken for a sheep when he goes too long without a haircut. Writing and drawing have been a part of his life from a very early age. Between "Mickey Mouse Golden Books," and "Chicka Chicka Boom Boom", he gained a sense for the rhythm of a story and the impact of illustrations.

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Heidi is grateful to devote most of her life to mothering five energetic children. After marrying her wonderful husband, Garry, she graduated from Brigham Young University, where she studied and worked in the health science field. Heidi accompanies a women's singing group and plays volleyball for fun.

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What Do You Mean I'm A Frog?

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Freddy loves his mom and dad. He just doesn't believe that he is a frog, like them. His friends compliment him all the time, but Freddy thinks they are just teasing. When Freddy's dad takes him to the pond for a father-son talk, he comes to realize that he is indeed a beautiful green frog -- with a special purpose in the woods. Lesson learned: Be proud of who you are.
What Do You Mean I'm A Frog? What Do You Mean I'm A Frog?

When I Grow Up

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"You can grow up to be anything you want to be, Daniel," his dad said.  Now the problem is: What does Daniel want to be?  There are so many choices.  Daniel carefully reviews what he might be when he grows up.  When he suddenly realizes that he can be anything and everything with one choice, Daniel makes his final decision.
When I Grow Up When I Grow Up

Cassy and the Un-Happy Happy

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Everyone feels sad sometimes. And that’s okay!

When Cassy and a Happy named Wink are bullied by a mischievous Wind Spirit, their fun day of playing with blocks soon becomes a race to save their happiness.

Wink quickly turns from gleeful to gloomy and Cassy seeks out the help of her friends. But when things don't go according to plan, Cassy must learn that trying to make someone happy, isn't always the best way to help. Sometimes, it’s okay to just be sad.

This simple, yet powerful story illustrates the importance of facing our sadness, and learning to embrace it, rather than erase it. Wonderfully illustrated, and told at an easy to read pace, this book will teach young readers and adults alike how to pay attention to their sadness and give their happiness some time to rest. Through the example of a kitten and her Happy, we can learn that allowing ourselves time to cry, may just be the secret to feeling true joy.
Cassy and the Un-Happy Happy Cassy and the Un-Happy Happy

Cookies for Breakfast?

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Bennie can't wait to run to the park to play with his friends. He quickly dresses in his favorite t-shirt and shorts, and rushes down to breakfast.  After rushing through his favorite breakfast (his first surprise of the day), Mom offers him a cookie - something she has never allowed at breakfast before (his second surprise). It's just the beginning of a day full of surprises. But when Bennie returns home, he discovers the biggest surprise of all!  Ages 5-10.  Sold at Amazon and Barnes and Noble online.
Cookies for Breakfast? Cookies for Breakfast?

The Short & Sweet Collection of Nighty-Night Poems

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Every child enjoys a good bedtime story that leaves them feeling happy, loved and ready for sleep. From silly monkeys to hide-and-seek to shadows on the wall, fun in the rain, and more, topped off with a sweet goodnight poem, this little collection will fill those needs and desires.  The pages are filled with colorful illustrations to capture their attention and imagination. The entire book is short enough to read all of the poems just before bedtime -- or pick just one. "Nighty-Night Poems" will sing them to sleep with the rhythmic cadence of poetry and bring them the warmth and comfort they love.
The Short &  Sweet Collection of Nighty-Night Poems The Short &  Sweet Collection of Nighty-Night Poems

Prayers in the Night

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As night descends on the forest, a wolf, milking cow, and little boy are struck with fear. With no light and no hope, each turns to Heavenly Father for help. Told in rhyme, this poignant picture book teaches that when the darkness comes, if only you'll pray with all your might, the Lord will come near and send you His light.
Prayers in the Night Prayers in the Night

If I Were A Mermaid

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Dreams come true for a little girl as she takes her adventures into the sea, greeting and playing with the amazing creatures that live there. After a wonderful day learning about life under the sea, playing with the dolphins and visiting giant clams and manatees, she realizes it's time to go home to Mommy, Daddy and her friends on land, where she truly belongs. Rhyming story perfect for 1-10.  Available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble online, iTunes and many other bookstores around the world.
If I Were A Mermaid If I Were A Mermaid

When Mommy Feels Sad: A Mother's Journey Through Depression

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When Mommy Feels Sad captures one mother's journey through depression. Her steps toward recovery include self care, doctors, medication, and a therapist. She explores her feelings and actions and their impact on her family. The story's resolution is not one of healing, but of hope. Parents, teachers, school counselors, physicians, and therapists can use When Mommy Feels Sad as a vehicle for discussing and understanding depression. It can give children and adults alike a vocabulary to describe this mental illness and normalize the experience for everyone involved. Each page can spark a meaningful conversation.

When Mommy Feels Sad: A Mother's Journey Through Depression When Mommy Feels Sad: A Mother's Journey Through Depression

Trymbl: The Secret of the Golden Amulet

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Trymbl is a 700+ year old man, who obviously has quite a story to tell. His journey begins when his mother sends him to the village of Mistmere to purchase some eggs so she can bake some custard for their evening meal. When he disobeys his father and turns off the path to the village to explore the Whispering Woods, his entire life is changed after he finds an old charm covered in dried mud. Local bullies try to take the charm from him, however, strange things begin to happen. Funny and exciting!  Perfect for chapter book young readers (10-13)
Trymbl: The Secret of the Golden Amulet


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For All New Authors of Children's Books

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"Any book that helps a child to form a habit of reading, to make reading one of his needs, is good for him." —Maya Angelou

"There is no such thing as a child who hates to read; there are only children who have not found the right book." —Frank Serafini

"One of the greatest gifts adults can give—to their offspring and to their society—is to read to children." —Carl Sagan
For All New Authors of Children's Books

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