Cassy and the Un-Happy Happy

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Everyone feels sad sometimes. And that’s okay!

When Cassy and a Happy named Wink are bullied by a mischievous Wind Spirit, their fun day of playing with blocks soon becomes a race to save their happiness.

Wink quickly turns from gleeful to gloomy and Cassy seeks out the help of her friends. But when things don't go according to plan, Cassy must learn that trying to make someone happy, isn't always the best way to help. Sometimes, it’s okay to just be sad.

This simple, yet powerful story illustrates the importance of facing our sadness, and learning to embrace it, rather than erase it. Wonderfully illustrated, and told at an easy to read pace, this book will teach young readers and adults alike how to pay attention to their sadness and give their happiness some time to rest. Through the example of a kitten and her Happy, we can learn that allowing ourselves time to cry, may just be the secret to feeling true joy.
Cassy and the Un-Happy Happy